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Theo Helmstadter

Artist Statement/Bio

A studio potter since 1998, I work in stoneware, focusing on the functional form. I've always been drawn to 'old' pots and rugged, earthy, textures - I like the feeling of time these pieces have - of history, of coming from another era. A good pot is one that will
still be beautiful in a hundred years - or a thousand.

I work mostly on the potter's wheel, dig my own clay, formulate my glazes using locallydug materials when I can. This isn't always very practical but - it keeps the process close to the earth. I am inspired by the vast open high desert of Northern New Mexico - a
feeling of simplicity, silence, and the as-yet-undiscovered permeates the pots I make.

A certified teacher and former wilderness guide, I work with students in my Santa Fe studio - Green River Pottery - teaching workshops and classes for teens & adults.

Theo Helmstadter Wheel Workshop (Sept. 18th, 19th & 20th Registration Form pdf


Ash Vase
Blue Bowl
Shino Vase
Vase white Slip Ash Glaze
Platter Ash
Vase Green Glaze
Vase Shino Glaze
Mugs with Handles
Bowls Ash
Bowls Ash Glaze