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Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie has worked as an agronomist, soil conservationist, teacher, and natural wood artist. She has had a life long love of the land and what it produces.

Each of the pieces is specifically selected and with it, you will receive where your wood piece came from and it’s approximate age. Many of the pieces come from family affiliated lands with historical documentation of the trees. The cedar stumps cured at the cattle pens for 50 years. The Bois’d Arc root stumps were dug from a sandy creek preserved by being buried in the sand for many years. The knots and burls came from cottonwoods that were once so large; three grown men could not put their arms totally around the tree. Beavers finally felled the tree.

Her home is Keller, TX, but her workshop is in Canadian, Tx. Where she spends most of her time. She has pieces available in art studios, nature conservatories and online. You can contact her at staylor071@verizon.net for product questions and order inquiries



Cedar Picnic Table
Elm Stump Table
Honey Locust End Table
Black Walnut Coffee Table
Wooden Planters