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Shane Belcher

Shane, in his youth always had a creative and imaginative mind, which came in good use growing up in a family that traveled constantly. Each move always seemed to bring his family to the country, where his love for horses developed. To pass the time as he traveled, drawing with a simple pencil and drawing paper, he unlocked a talent that came naturally to him. This talent was soon realized by others and to his enjoyment and amazement, Shane realized he had a rare gift.

Shane can recall a time in 3rd grade that his older sister had a project due in her high school art class. She, realizing her brother’s talent, put his creative talents to use and talked him into doing the project. To her excitement she received an A, and Shane was happy to receive her allowance for the week.

Throughout his school years, Shane had a pencil handy to express his creative side. Over time he began creating works that became special and unique enough to make it to his personal portfolio. One summer his junior year, he worked at a youth camp as a wrangler. The kids at camp enjoyed his talents thru beautiful drawings of horses on their T-shirts. Alas, there was this tragic artist moment in his life, one hurried day his senior year, he left his portfolio in a class. Realizing his absent mindedness, he quickly returned to find all of his favorite works missing..... And never to be found again.

It wasn't until this young man was married, his wife was in college, and finances were tight that he decided to use his talents once again. He created Christmas gifts for the family. This rekindled that desire he had once before to create. Painting wasn't Shane's first artistic outlet, as an adult he pursued wood working, carving, and sculpting. He created many works from three dimensional pieces, such as, coffee tables and hand carved relief wall hangings. Shane soon had a family of four which required much of his time and effort. With the desire to be near his family, he picked up a brush and a water color set which was a gift from a friend. Not knowing where this would take him, he discovered a new side of his talents which lead him to present day. Growing up around horses and having a love for these majestic creatures, he has a love and passion for painting them. He has been praised for his abilities to capture the beauty of these strong, loving, animals. Shane paints many other designs and images but his talents and his abilities always bring him back to capture the beauty and true form of the Horse.


across the fence
painted colt
winter storm