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Roger Holmes

roger holmes picRoger Holmes is a native of the Rio Grande Valley of Colorado and New Mexico. Roger came to Lubbock in the late 60’s to study Architecture at Texas Tech. After four years in the architecture program he took a pottery class as an elective. Everything changed after that. The next four years were spent deeply immersed in the study of pottery and the ceramic arts. After completing his studies at Texas Tech Roger became involved in the art foundry industry and spent the next twenty five years casting bronze statuary.

In 2007 Roger joined the staff at LHUCA as assistant manager of the Helen Dewitt Jones Clay Studio and returned to his first love, making pottery. His work reflects his deep love for the landscape and textures of the area he grew up in. He unabashedly admits to the strong influence of the pueblo potters both historically and contemporary. Most of Rogers work is finished using alternative firing techniques such as Raku, Horse Hair, and Saggar firing.




Red Raku Aspen Vase
Copper Raku Jar
Red Crackle Jar
Copper Top Jar
Green Raku Aspen Vase
Black and White Jar
Rust Vase
White Crackle Jar
Pink Peel Vase
Red Aspen Vase