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Peyton Aufil

Peyton Aufill is an acrylic and graphic artist and illustrator whose work has been shown and collected in Lubbock, Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Oklahoma. He is a published illustrator and editorial cartoonist and continues to expand his resume as his career progresses.

A 2012 graduate of the school of art at Texas Tech University, Aufill has narrowed his focus to acrylic paints, appreciating the exponential properties the media can have. The subjects of his work are largely fauna as Aufill is constantly inspired by the natural world around him.

An untold narrative drives the images presented. Ancient fictional stories create a perspective that might help personify or create relatable qualities for creatures habitually deemed lesser than their audience.

It is the hope of Aufill, that his works brings a new found connection and even humility towards a world that is otherwise dominated by a singular species.

Aufill is also a respected commission artist having created portraits of historical figures, relatives, pets, and even treasured possessions, both on canvas and murals.


Diana's Prism
Tom Moore Portrait
Steward of the leviathan
Viridian Mirage