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Lunell Gilley

Color is where it happens in the eyes of most, and then we look for composition, perspective and value etc.? As with any painter, my work reflects my moods through drama, color and composition on today’s canvases. Timeless events and places captured from my broad collection of traveled memories. Portraits, still life's, landscapes, western, pottery, gourds and sculpture are my choice in the journey.

From an early age I knew art would play a special part in my life because in my family, I was surrounded by artists of every kind. All of them musicians from both sides of the family, and then I can remember my mom singing on the radio.  She also painted at times but never really stayed with it. My grandfather was a Blacksmith that designed ornamental iron and other business related things. Some of his work can be seen at the museum in Oklahoma City that he had designed for Bob Crosby and Robert H. Goddard.
Lastly, I have been in many galleries, museums and wonderful places and studied with the best, including Guido Frick, Rich Nichols, Emin Abasaav, Mickey Wells, John Darby, and last but not least Jack Sorenson, who has encouraged me every step of the way.


Best of Show, 3rd place, honorable mention - April 2013 Amarillo Fine Arts Association Article in Amarillo
Style, 1st Place 2013 - April Challenge - for Comtemporary Fine Arts International , 2nd Place – November

Amarillo Fine Arts Association, 1st place - Honorable mentions
President and Director 2014, 2012 for Amarillo Fine Arts Association , worked on board for many years.

Taylor Gallery - Santa Fe
Joe Wade  - Santa Fe
Valerie Wang Gallery - Carlsbad , California, Vista Gallery - Carlsbad California
Carlsbad Coalition of Arists
3 years had my own Studio- Lunell's Studio 111 - Sunset Center
5 years Panhandle Art Center
Artists of Texas
Contemporary Fine Art International
Bank Shows, Libraries, Little Theatre, Diagnostic Center, Ye old Pancake station
In May issue of Amarillo Style
Judged Tri-state Fair Art 2014
Paint yearly piece for Santa in the Summer (Evelyn Rivers)
In 12 x 12 Exhibition Yearly for AMOA
The Colony Frame and Gallery


Bluebonnet and Bull
One For The Ladies
Santa Fe Soul
A Day in Blue
To The Top
Golden Glow