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Karen Reimer

I have been painting at some level and medium since high school. Now those were works of 'REAL art...

After marraige and two children, I resumed painting in the mid 70's. My Mother introduced me to watercolors, actually she bribed me by paying for my first classes... Thank you to my Angel above, if not for her then and many years later , I would not have the passion of art in my life.

My loving husband was always very supportive, everyday I feel thankful for that freedom to explore my art. He always said " He would retire and I could sell my art on the corner.." Thank goodness I don't have to sell at shopping center corner, but that would have been fun too. Next to my son and daughter and my ten grandchildren , painting makes life exciting and worth looking into the future.

The Texas Panhandle does limit the sources for subjects to paint. When you look past the obvious, flat landscapes and great distances to view, you will see what makes up this beautiful place. It's the history , the people, and the beautiful sunsets, cool nights and most of all NO humidity!! I love to travel and enjoy workshops . Meeting people that would otherwise never enter my life.

Transparent watercolors were my only style of painting until three years ago and I realized there was a wonderful world of water media . This opened up doors to widen my options. Collages, acrylics and non-objective subjects keeps me busy.


Red Melody
Garden Gossip
Just Because
Dance Tonight
Girl In The Red Dress
Girl's Poker Night