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Duward Campbell

Duward Campbell is a native Texan, born and raised in the center of some of the best ranching and farming land in the country.

As an artist, the people of this region and the Southwest have provided the lifeblood for Duward’s work, as he has concentrated his painting and drawing efforts around the contemporary cowboy and rural life. Duward never draws an image he has not “breathed on,” for he knows the people, the animals and the land he brings to his work. He gathers information for his work mostly in the Southwest, however his many friends and associates allow him to do research from coast to coast. He strives for accuracy and detail of not only the physical, but spiritual aspects of the characters and land he loves.

Duward has been involved in creative activities most of his life, but became serious about drawing and painting during his junior high school years. At that time, his pencil and pen and ink drawings were shown by several galleries in Dallas and Houston. He continued these interests at Texas Tech University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1975.
Although he has made a living as an artist painting and drawing in a realistic manner since he was in high school, he has always tried to reach beyond that to other formats and media. Since getting a BFA in drawing and ceramics, he has involved himself in a variety of creative ventures that all interlock. Everything from designing and building furniture and architectural structures, photography, layout and graphics for several award winning books and also set design and stage direction of two theatric productions.

The basis for all his work has been good drawing and composition with the application of good design. For him, this is true if he is doing the painting of a cowboy horseback or designing a piece of equipment. He believes an “artist” should be creative in all aspects of life, and not limit himself to traditionally accepted formats. He has tried to do just that.

Duward Campbell has pieces in many public and private collections and has exhibited throughout the United States in competitive and invitational shows. He is a past member of the American Indian and Cowboy Artists(AICA), where he served as a board member and representative to the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. He has served as a board member and on the National Advisory Board for the National Ranching Heritage Association, Lubbock, Texas.


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