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Clinton Miller

Clinton James Miller was born and raised in the small riverside community of Canadian, TX. He grew up with the luxury to roam freely in and around the Canadian River, spending his days and many nights alone in the river bottom. One year of college as an aimless studio art major followed and then met an abrupt end due to an unbearable case of wanderlust. After a five year, disposition-altering hiatus from school, including three years of living in Los Angeles, CA, working sporadically in film and television, a decision was made to continue education and work toward a studio art degree. One introduction to glass was all it took to quell the desire to escape. He graduated with a BFA from West Texas A&M University in May 2011.

Clint is interested in the natural world and our relationships with it, especially with regard to the division that has been formed between our instincts and our actions. Through, primarily, the use of glass and its ultra-dimensional qualities, he attempts to reunite the native internal monologue with its external echo.

Glass is the one medium that he believes can truly become anthropomorphic. Its innate ability to contain and transmit light within and throughout its interior space is unsurpassed. This allows the glass to become fully aware of its soul. As his work stems from his experiences and reflection on other’s experiences with their environment, he could not possibly choose any other medium to portray an honest representation of natural human life occurrences and observation. The motif of his work is cooperative interaction, both through intention and form, and throughout his processes of creation.