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Cherine Marie

Horses have always caught me and rode away with my imagination. Inspiration may come like the winds of Texas: sometimes a breeze, other times a gale, perhaps triggered by sensations like the smell of horse hair or how it glistens in sunbeams. I’ll pick up various canvas sizes and look at their blank faces to see if an image pops to mind. Once in the studio, both my bare fingers and brushes begin to find that image. Sometimes horses thunder from their surface; other times it may be a calm longhorn that dozes in the shade. People occasionally show up in hats, maybe even sporting fishing rods. Ahhh . . . a blank canvas holds great surprises!

My art and photography explore both freedom and reality with a western touch. The whimsical paintings emphasize real horses' “feathers” with flair and color to complement the levity and orneriness in the lively old saying “Oh, Horsefeathers!” and express the creature's free spirit. The representational paintings attempt to portray a soulful reality and more serious undercurrents. I use the way a subject catches the light to convey an impression of the mood, but interweave shadows that dance with the light to leave a peaceful freedom and openness in a painting's interpretation. We have all trodden different pathways, and I hope each piece offers art that you yourself will “complete” with your own feelings, soul, and experience so that you might connect with it.

Momma's Kisses
Sticky Situation
He's A Looker
Yesterday's Dream
Donkey Daze
Red Chimney
Itch And A Scratch