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The academy provides professional fine art instruction for serious youth and adult students. Our certified instructor teaches regular courses in most mediums and for all skill levels. Guest instructors broaden the curriculum by providing instruction in their areas of expertise during regularly-scheduled classes and in workshops.

Canadian River Art Academy offers classes for ages 4-5 years, 6-7 years, 8-9 years, 10-14 years and adults. Courses cover a wide variety of mediums and projects vary from session to session. Join us as we explore watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil painting and ceramic hand building. For more information, pricing or to check course availability contact shannon@canadianriverart.com or darbi@canadianriverart.com





CRA Academy Class/Workshop Policies

Pre-registration is required for all Canadian River Art (CRA) classes or workshops. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to limited class size, early registration is encouraged. Classes with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled prior to class start. Supply fees must accompany registration form and are non-refundable (unless classes are cancelled by CRA). Classes without supply fees require a non-refundable deposit of 25 percent of the registration fee. CRA reserves the right to deny registration to any person for any reason.

Tuition and Payment
Tuition varies based on instructor, class size, skill level, and courses offered (mediums taught). Supply fees (or a 25 percent tuition deposit if there is no supply fee) are due at registration. All other class fees are due by the end of the first class session. Class fees (above and beyond supply fees and/or deposit) are refundable prior to the beginning of the first class. CRA accepts cash, credit card or checks. A $25 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Students attending the class after the beginning date shall pay the full registration fee.

Waiting Lists
CRA will maintain a waiting list for any classes and workshops that have reached their maximum. No registration fee or deposit is required to be added to the waiting list. Students on the waiting list are notified of available class openings in the order that they signed up on the waiting list. Once notified of an opening, students must pay the required deposit within 24 hours to hold their registration for the class. Substitution of participants (for example, children within the same family) is not permitted, as this would be unfair to individuals on the waiting list.

Refund/Cancellation Policies
CRA is not responsible for refunding fees due to illness, emergencies, or other events that might cause students to miss classes or workshops in whole or in part. Students will receive a full refund only when CRA cancels a class or workshop. Students who pay Academy fees early may receive a full refund upon canceling registration up to and including 7 (seven) days prior to the official starting date of the class.

To receive a full refund for workshops, written notice of cancellation must be received no later than 14 days from the start of the event. All cancellations must be made in writing. Notification by telephone is not accepted. Emails, however, are acceptable. There will be no refunds if a student withdrawals from class or is expelled from class due to inappropriate behavior. Since supplies are purchased in advance, any supply fees or required registration deposits will not be refunded.

Supply Lists
CRA offers a wide variety of courses and hosts a number of different instructors. Many courses require students to purchase supplies from a specific supply list prior to starting class. In some instances, as with many children’s courses, supplies will be purchased and provided by CRA. If student supplied materials are required for your course, CRA will provide you with a detailed list at the time of registration so that participants will have all supplies available for the first class meeting.

Make-Up Sessions
CRA is not responsible for issuing refunds or class credits for classes missed in whole or in part. However, CRA offers a make-up session for youth art students every semester. Make-up classes allow students additional time to finish pieces or make-up instruction. Make-up fees for youth art program and other courses vary. Pre-registration is required for all make-up sessions. It is the responsibility of the student, not CRA, to store unfinished artwork until a scheduled make-up session.

Finished/Unfinished Work
Due to limited space, CRA cannot store finished or unfinished student work for more than 30 days. After 30 days (and one
notification telephone call), CRA will consider the student’s work abandoned. CRA reserves the right to dispose of abandoned works by any means it chooses. Some works may be sold or donated in order to fund scholarships.

Student Art Exhibits
CRA hosts annual art exhibits at its discretion which showcase CRA student work. CRA requests submissions from all students.
While each student is represented, CRA cannot guarantee all submitted work display space in the show. CRA is not responsible for work left on-site after allotted pick-up times. Work left over 30 will be considered abandoned.

Scholarships are periodically offered for some classes and workshops. Check with staff about eligibility and scholarship requirements. All scholarships are awarded based on student performance and/or financial need. Scholarship recipients are required to thank donors in writing before receiving the scholarship funding. If you are interested in donating to the CRA Scholarship Fund, please contact Shannon Caseltine.

Dress Code
CRA recommends wearing old clothing or aprons for courses or workshops. Although aprons are provided for our younger students, CRA cannot be held responsible for damage to children’s’ clothing, including shoes. Students will work with acrylic and oil-based paint, clay, glazes, and permanent ink; therefore, they must dress accordingly. CRA also recommends that long hair be tied back or worn under a cap. In addition, for safety reasons, CRA requires that students tie back long hair or contain long hair beneath a cap when working with clay equipment. Shoes are required. Swimsuits are not allowed. Clothing with profanity or images that CRA staff deems offensive will not be allowed. CRA reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of all attire.

Classroom Behavior
The following behavior will not be tolerated and will result in suspension for a period to be determined by the Director or in the student’s permanent expulsion. No refunds will be offered. Behavior deemed inappropriate includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Use of profanity
Smoking (except by adults in designated areas outdoors)
Talking on the telephone
Receiving or making telephone calls
Showing disrespect to instructors, CRA staff, or fellow students
Consistent tardiness or unexcused absences
Any behavior deemed disruptive to the class as determined by the CRA staff
Cell phone/electronic devices must be turned off and stored in a designated area.
Weapons (firearms, knives) are not permitted on CRA premises.
Illegal drugs are not permitted on CRA premises.

Food and Drink
To insure the safety of the artwork (both inside the classroom and throughout building), food and drink are not permitted, with the following exceptions: bottled water or drinks with lids for long class sessions. All drinks must be kept at the back of the classroom in an area designated by the CRA instructor. NO DRINKS ARE PERMITTED AT THE WORKSTATIONS. On special occasions, CRA will provide drinks and snacks for students. Please notify CRA staff if your child has a food allergy or requires food due to illnesses such as diabetes. CRA also requires written notification by a parent if a child is required to take medication during class time. No food or drink may be taken inside the gallery or exhibit hall, except during which time such actions are expressly permitted by CRA staff (for example, during a show or event).

CRA reserves the right to change its schedule, withdraw or modify a course, or to change its policies at any time. CRA may also substitute an instructor in case of an illness or other emergency. CRA will notify students of major schedule changes in a timely manner by telephone and/or email. In the event of severe weather, CRA may cancel classes with little notice. Students who are unable to attend class due to weather, illness, or other CRA-approved emergency, will be permitted to make-up the class. CRA reserves the right to deny registration to any person for any reason.


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